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Monday, March 10, 2008

Desire Vs Love

Now, today's topic was concocted again, while I was riding. Desired Vs Loved. Hope you all enjoy it.

Alright, allow me to admit this beforehand. I have desire for people's affections, care and concern. Meaning, when people shower attention, concern on me, I feel great. I believe that everyone has this desire too. The desire to be taken care of, once in a while. But that's where the issue is, for ladies at least.

Ladies, all guys would desire you, be it physically, or in terms of companionship. During this period of time, the guys would treat you really well, and want to be really close to you. BUT, do not mistake this for love. This is just desire. There is a vast difference between the two. And many a times, girls get hurt because they get confused between the two. Why is it that, so many girls get hurt, after falling so deeply in love, and when they finally give their body and soul to the guys, the guy break their hearts by leaving? Reason is simple, the guy's desire has been satisfied.

For most guys, going after girls is like a conquest. Able to go after a girl, win the lady's heart, conquer the body, all these are like conquest to these guys. Once they are able to do it, once they have achieved their objectives, they feel bored and wants to find another peak to conquer. And that's why things change, they become cold towards you, ignore you, don't listen, and breaks your heart into a million pieces. To them, they feel nothing, to you, it feels like eternal pain. To them, you have already given what they want, you have already satisfied their desires. They didn't love you at all. They simply desire you.

But why do girls fall for such traps? Reason being, the feeling of being desired blinds them. Feeling wanted, and feeling that you belong. A lot of us have this experience. When a person keeps seeking our attention, keeps showering us attention, but we find it irritating. BUT, when that person suddenly stops, you feel weird. Haha. Well, that's why I mean by feeling desired. Cos, we love that once in a while. BUT note, that's not LOVE. You are just being desired, and most of the time, physically.

That's why, GIRLS, please open your eyes. Don't be a stupid piece of equipment which guys use. Don't be a freebie where guys can simply take advantage of. Do learn how to protect yourselves. Though, I know that guys do get hurt too, but, usually, the girls lose out more. Oh, basically, I only crapped, but didn't really give any helpful suggestions. Well, here are some of what I feel may help.

1) When a guy is in love with you, your company, your chats, your conversations are more important than getting you to do "something else".

2) The way the guy looks at you will be different. The eyes will focus on you and only on you. The eyes do not wander to others around. The eyes are a little dreamy when looking at you. Shy at times too.

3) He suddenly becomes alittle shy infront of you. Starts to be a little protective, not possessive. Worries for you over small little things too.

4) Trust your feelings. If there is something that your feel wrong, you are probably right. In this book, Blink, we all have the ability to sense things in the first 5 seconds we sees the person. Trust that sense, it works.

Alrighty then. Enough of my nonsense. Wonder what kind of complaints I may get. But do give your feedbacks.